Nail Tech Basic Training | $295 | Kit Included

Nail Tech Basic Training | $295 | Kit Included

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Without the proper foundation, nothing will last!

This class is for beginners or for technicians whose nails are not sticking or lasting.

If you have not been properly trained on nail prep, filing, and shaping, applying tips, and applying forms, then this class is for you.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to properly prep the nail plate so that your nails do not lift or fall off
  • How to choose the correct size tip and apply it
  • How to properly apply a nail form
  • When to use primer, when to use dehydrator and when to use both
  • How to file and shape the new designer shapes, such as Coffin, Stiletto, lip stick and others
  • Plus more.

Nail Basic Training Kit

Your training kit includes: acrylic monomer, acrylic powder, file, buffers, acrylic Acrylic Brush, two dappen dishes, a manicure brush, colored acrylic powder, glitter, tips, glue, practice tips, orangewood sticks, and a primer pen.

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