Texas Manicure State Board Boot Camp | $495 | Kit Included

Texas Manicure State Board Boot Camp | $495 | Kit Included

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Prepare for success with the Texas Manicure State Board Boot Camp, an intensive all-day prep class that's designed to ensure you're fully equipped to excel in your State Board examination.

The first four hours of this comprehensive boot camp are focused on sharpening your knowledge and skills for the written part of the exam. I will guide you through mock chapter-written tests, providing valuable insights and tips to help you master the content of the State Board chapters. You'll leave this segment of the boot camp feeling confident and well-prepared for the written examination.

The next three hours are dedicated to the practical portion of the exam. During this hands-on training, you'll have the opportunity to perform a mock practical exam, simulating the actual testing conditions. My goal is to ensure you're comfortable with the practical tasks and procedures that you'll encounter during the State Board examination.

What's more, your class fee not only covers the invaluable written and practical study sessions but also includes a state board kit, carefully packed and ready for use. This kit is an essential resource, containing all the tools and materials you'll need to excel in your practical exam. At Texas Nail Educator, I'm committed to your success, and our State Board Boot Camp is designed to get you there. Join us and take the first step towards achieving your nail technician goals.

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